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Trans-Am 1970

 Volvo Club of America national magazine editor Jan Nystrom was kind enough to publish my "PV Story" in Rolling several year ago.  I recently contacted him to ask if he might be interested in my tales of racing under 2 liter Trans-Am with a Volvo 122S during the 1970 season.  This page will be devoted to that story.  It has however, yet to be written.   As it takes shape, it will be posted here.

This is the 122S "Amazon" Volvo that I raced in the under 2 liter class of the 1970 Trans-Am series.   My ill starred venture into a professional racing series.  The photo was taken at Watkins Glen in my last appearance in the Trans-Am.   A Volvo was all my budget would allow and unfortunately the car was hopelessly outclassed by the BMW's and especially the Alfa Romeo GTA's with their twin cam engines and all aluminum construction.  I did what I could with it though, gained a great deal of experience and had a hell of a good time into the bargain.

This is the same car we ran at Sebring that year. Note the identification lights on the roof.

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