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The Model Shop


Model building and miniatures have always held a fascination for our family.   Current as well as past projects in  model railroading, R/C boats and cars, static display models, slot cars and miniature gaming figures are featured. 

Our well equipped model shop is available for commission work.   We offer air brush weathering of model railroad rolling stock in addition to model structures with character.   Displays and dioramas are also on the menu.

This is our model shop.   This room once belonged to Lydia.   When she went off to college, it became Alex's room.  Now that he has moved out on his own, it has become our model shop.   The bench and paint cabinet were originally located in the laundry room.   Behind the camera are shelves of model railroad kits, our railroad library and a display of Dotti's large scale R/C boats.   This part  of the house had been a porch at one time, hence the window into the kitchen above the end of the work bench.

These are a pair of Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa's.   The kits were produced by Ninco model company.   You will notice the #14 is right hand drive and the #16 is left.   The prototypes finished first and second at the 1958 Sebring twelve hour.  The winning car of Phil Hill was right hand drive.   I converted a  left hand drive kit to reflect this.

This beautiful scene was built by the late  Dick McEvoy.   His model railroad was one of the finest I've ever seen.  The harbor was one of the last editions to this large layout that was 25 years in the making.   The (mostly hidden) fishing boat moored alongside the central pier was my small contribution.  


Dick was a master at all facets of the model railroad hobby.   This scene attests to his artistic skills.  It is as well composed as a painting, the model work is superb.    This area of the layout was a challenge to operate as well.  Most of an evening could be devoted to switching the industries  just out of sight to the left.

This is the old WINROC dirt track at Barnett Park in Winchester Va.   We spent many a weekend afternoon here racing our radio control cars.   The car in the center of the photo is Lydia's VW bug.   She and her Mom did a wonderful job of painting the body to resemble a lady bug.   The runing gear for the model is a basically stock Tamiya Falcon model kit.    Lydia worked on the car herself with coaching from her Dad.  This model still exists today in the care of her brother Nick.   It is still operable too.    Nick learned the value of consistency when he won the Jr. class championship in his first season  while not winning a single race overall.

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