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The Family  Art Page


This  page will feature the our various artistic endeavors of our family members.    Both of us (Ron & Dot) have artistic backgrounds as do our kids.   Anything deemed artistic and done by family members will be shared here and that includes music as performed by our Daughter Heather,  photography by our daughter Lydia, illustration by Dad and anything else of an artistic nature created by family members.

My version of a classic "Pignatelli" racing sports car as influenced by the great automotive cartoonist Stan Mott.

Pencil sketch of the young son of a friend.

A cartoon bee I came up with for an advertisement.

Charcoal sketch of a 'Bridcage' Maserati at speed.

One of a seies of pencil sketches I made for a contractors brochure.

Anatomical pencil sketch of rabbit skull I drew for an art calss.   The skull was found alongside our front steps behind a bush.   Apparently that was the lair of Max, a rather scruffy stray cat we had befriended at the time.

An ink drawing of the logo I designed for an Art and Photo studio a friend of mine and I once operated.

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