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Welcome to our Motor Sport page

Participation  in motor sport has been a family endeavor.   Granted, this has been due to my life long passion for cars and motor racing.    While raising our family my participation was largely on hold.   As our son Nick grew older, he and I began building models together.   This led to Radio Control car racing primarily with a club in Winchester Va.   The R/C cars eventually lead to Go Kart racing and finally to SCCA road racing.    Nick and I now have a pair of Volvo 142E sedans (only one of which is operable at present) along with my restored PV-544 with which to participate in motor sports events.  

Nick at age 7 receiving an award at the WINROC dirt oval in Barnett Park, Winchester Va in his first season of R/C car racing.   He won the Jr. class championship that year even though he didn't win a single race.  

Nick in our Volvo 142E at Road America in 2016.  This event was the annual Volvo Club of America national gathering.  We had both of our racing Volvo's there and it was the first time Nick and I were on the track together.

Nick (in the red helmet) in one of his early kart races at Sandy Hook Speedway in Maryland.   The following year we put in a full season at Monrovia Speedway (also in Maryland) with Nick nearly winning the season championship.

This is a rather sad photo for me.   To the best of my knowledge, all of my friends in this photo have passed away.   The fellow nearest the camera is Roy Flury, my regular crew guy.  Next to him is John Hanrahan with whom I was co-owner of the car.  Leaning over the engine is Larry Oliva, my one time brother in law.  Under the hat is my good friend Mike Terr.

The pic was taken at Lime Rock during the Trans-Am race held there in 1970.

Loudon New Hampshire in 1969.  This was an SCCA National race at the old Bryar Motorsport Park, now New Hampshire International Speedway.  It was in this race that I managed to stay with the Porsche 911's during a heavy downpour.

My initiation into the rough house of pro racing. The Mini and I had been going back and forth for several laps.   When I finally managed to beat him into turn  1, and moved to close the door on him, he hit me.   At 90+ mph in a turn, it doesn't take much to upset the car.  This took place during the Trans-Am at Watkins Glen in 1970.

My trusty old PV and I at Road America in 2016.   The old car really leans but holds the road just fine.  I had always dreamed of racing at Road America and thanks to my son Nick, I finally have.

Nick and his friend Vern warming up Peter Giddings 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C GP car during the 2017 Fall Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut.

For those who may be interested, I am available for talks and guest appearances on the subject of racing and motor sport in general.    This  includes slot car racing, R/C car racing as well as SCCA road racing.   With advance notice, our race cars can be made available for display.

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