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About Us

Taken in 1990, this photo shows our entire family (with the exception of Heather who was away at college) at Sandy Hook Speedway during Nick's first season of kart racing.                            photo credit - unknown

With more than 140 years of life experience between us,  Dotti and I feel we have much to share.   To that end, we are available either singly or together for speaking engagements.    With our many special interests, we will be pleased to engage our audiences and furnish displays featuring any of the topics displayed on this site.

Welcome to Odyssey House Online. Our website has evolved over the years but its basic premise has remained the same. As the quote above our logo on the home page points out, life is an adventure. It is about living.  I'm Ron Polimeni.  I'm the self appointed web meister and will be your host for this website.


Dotti Caldwell and I have been together now for over 40 years.  We have raised four adult children, spread over 19 years, and have had many adventures along the way. With our kids grown, we realize that  we are now writing the final chapter in our life adventure. It is our intention to make it a good one. Through this site Dotti and I hope to share our past, present and future with all who would like to travel with us.   Our site is a work in progress so please be patient.  

Dotti and I last fall (2017) at the Winchester Va. Museum of the Shenendoah Valley.                  Photo credit - Alex Polimeni

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