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The Big Trucks

Me and my "Jimmy".

I've spent 25 years on and off, driving tractor trailer trucks.   On this page I will share some of my stories and thoughts on trucking.   The photo is of me behind the wheel of my 1976 GMC Astro.   I owned this tractor for nearly five years.   It was powered by a "290" Cummins diesel working through a Fuller Ten speed transmission with Eaton rears mounted with Rayco suspension.   It was an ex Branch freight lines tractor.   A good tractor and a solid money maker.

Although I leased it to several different companies in Alexandria Va., "Intermodal Transportation" was the company I spent most of my time working for.   Intermodal was dedicated to hauling piggy back trailers through the 9 north eastern states as were the other companies I leased with.

It was good work.   I was never gone more than three days and that only rarely.   Generally I took  two trips a week and made a decent living without having to spend my life on the road.   Family circumstances beyond my control eventually forced me to have to sell my tractor.  It was a good life while it lasted though and I'm fortunate to have had the experience.  No regrets here.



My last employment driving the big rigs was with All Freight, a Winchester Va. based freight company.   Unfortunately All Freight was sold to DDS, a Pennsylvania outfit during the last few years that I worked there.    DDS ran onto hard times and ended up taking All Freight down with it.   The photos below are of the second tractor I drove for All Freight.   My son Alex and I spent a Saturday afternoon cleaning, painting and polishing the aluminum bits with the results you see hear.    Aside from working for myself as an O/O, my employment with All freight was the best tractor trailer employment I've had.

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