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 We've had great fun racing everything from slot cars, to R/C cars, karts and full sized automobiles, current race cars as well as vintage.     Our history in motor racing dates back more than 50 years to when I spotted a green Go Kart 800 in the window of  a shop in midtown Manhattan, while I was attending Dwight Preparatory School on Manhattan's east side.   That was in 1960, I was sixteen and karting itself had only been around for five years.    Shortly there after, I began my racing career at Patterson  Speedway, located appropriately enough, in Patterson New York.  Sadly, I have no photo's of my first racer, my Go Kart 800.

Racing long ago.  At left (or above and below as the case may be in mobile mode) is Watkins Glen in a 122S Volvo in 1970.   On the right is my old PV-544 at Marlboro Speedway in 1968.  This was an SCCA regional race.   Marlboro was a favorite course.

Racing today.   Our 142E on the left          (again, above or below in mobile) with Nick behind  the wheel at Road America 2016 and our restored PV-544 on the right also at Road America 2016 with me behind the wheel

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