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"The Longest Twelve".   Alex's first attempt at a feature video.  He was seventeen when he put this video together.   It was quite a hit when it was shown at the DC Region annual dinner.

Elkhart Lake, Road America 2016.   I'd always wanted to run the "June Sprints" SCCA National.    After 50 years, I finally made it to Road America for the semi annual National Volvo competition race meet.  The in car is of me with my PV-544.

The first five minutes shows the pace lap on the four mile course.  

Road America with Nick at the wheel of our 142E.   Unfortunately in this video, Nick was having a problem with the car starving on the left hand turns.   This issue was later remedied and Nick had a good weekend with the car.   Later in the video Nick is balked by another driver, denying him the advantage Nick had in braking and cornering.

This is my favorite SAAB video.   I had one of these many years ago.   Wonderful little cars.   Great fun.

Andrew Dodge is probably the most accomplished model builder I have ever personally known.   The video offered here is of a layout that no longer exists.   Andrew has since dismantled this layout and constructed another depicting the Colorado Midland circa 1890.    I hope Andrew will see fit to have a video  such as this made for his current layout.   Andrew is a master of time management.  His current  layout is essentially complete including the  construction of 13 scratch built brass locomotives.   What you will see in this video is a testament to his skill both as an artist and an engineer.

I've had the pleasure of operating on this layout on two occasions.  It was built by Mat Thompson of Gainesville Va. who, like Andrew Dodge (above) is a "Master Model Railroader".  His layout is an example of his mastery of the hobby.   Operation is by Time Table/Train Order.    The scenery is superb and well thought out as is the operational scheme.

Website of the International Plastic Modelers’  Society of the U.S.

Website of the Northern Virginia chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society.                                                                 

This is the personal website of a hobbyist who dates back to the very beginning of slot cars.   He can also lay claim to being one of the very early road racers in this country as well as well as being a master craftsman.
The fellow who owns this site is a prolific model builder and a true motorsports enthusiast as well.  Most of his models are replicas of historic racing cars.  Well worth a look.


Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping.  Source for all manner of info regarding the Great Lakes and Freighters that sail them.

The Welland Canal links Lake Ontario with Lake Erie bypassing the Niagara Falls.  A great place to go boat watching.

Victor Borge has to go down as one of the worlds great comedians.     My father loved him.   I love him.   I nearly met him once.   I was in Weschester Hobbies in White Plains, my regular hobby shop when I was growing up.   I was at my usual haunt in front of the train counter.   All of a sudden a fellow rushed in and asked Gordon if he could borrow a dime for the parking meter.   Gordon was the train guy in the shop and a long time friend.     I stood there dumb struck.   Gordon fished out a dime and handed it to the fellow who then left in as much a hurry as he'd arrived.  Gordon turned to me and said, "you know who that was don' you".   Still standing there with my mouth hanging open I nodded in the affirmative.   It was Victor Borge.   Gordon told me he came in regularly to purchase Maerklin model railroad equipment for his son.

I've always been a big fan of the harmonica.   Buddy Greene takes the instrument to a whole new level.

More to come, please stay with us.

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