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Our Family

I forget whether it is left brain or right brain but whichever it is that indicates artistic ability describes our family.   Not a mathematician or engineer in the lot.   On this page we will share the accomplishments of the members of our family.     


Our daughter Heather is an accomplished professional violinist, her two daughters are musically inclined also. 

Son Nick has made his way as a highly skilled vintage race car mechanic and auto restoration expert.

Lydia is an accomplished freelance photographer.

Alex has honed his skills as a painter in the medium of miniature figures. 

In addition, each is also involved in various volunteer as well as commercial ventures.   All will be featured here.

Dotti and her garden for 2021. Her red wagon is ready with all her planting equipment. Her ceramic “Guard Bunny” given to her by Nick is apparently still on the front porch table. A few months later and her vegetable crop is doing well. Guard Bunny is there now but hidden by the plants.

IMG_0240 (1).jpeg

Nick, warming the engine of Peter Giddings 1935 Alfa Romeo Grand Prix car during the "Fall Vintage Festival" at Lime Rock in 2017.

Nick is employed as a fabricator by GMT  Racing of Newtown CT.   GMT has sent Nick as far afield as Australia and New Zealand to look after their clients vintage racing automobiles.

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