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Photo credit - unknown

My old racing buddy Rick Ferrell is leading in his Lotus Cortina.    Being an artist, Rick wasn't happy having his Lotus Cortina look like all the others.   They only came in white with a green spear down the side as can be seen on Bill Peck's car at right in the photo.   Rick had his repainted in the Lotus factory team colors.  


I'm in a Cortina sandwich here.  In the years I raced my PV, I was never beaten  by  a street version Lotus Cortina.  This was probably the race where Rick finally beat me to turn one on the start.   He led a good part of the race before the strain of leading got to him.   He told me later that he'd never considered what he'd do if he ever got the lead.   When he beat me to turn one that time, he told me later he pretty much panicked seeing no one in front of him   He likened the laps he led to a "Chinese firedrill".

At one point Rick nearly lost it on the uphill.  I lifted afraid he was going to roll it.   He saved it and I lost about three car lengths.

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