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Photo credit unknown

This was my first SCCA regional race on my brand new SCCA provisional competition license.   The course is the old Thompson Connecticut course.   Little is left of it today including this section with the famous ( or perhaps infamous)

"button hook" corner in the back ground.   The "lightbulb" turn is gone also.

I couldn't believe these turns when I fist toured the course during practice.   The "lightbulb" turn comprised a hard  uphill left into an immediate 180 degree right that encircled the base of a large tree which led to a hardd downhill left.  Hence the "lightbulb".   The "buttonhook" was just that.   a closing radius hard left into an immediate hard right.   My first time through I slid off into the dirt wondering where the road had gone.   There was no grass, as it had been worn away by off course race cars.

On the start I was right behind Bob Huber and Artie Mollin in their 122S Volvo's.   I was hoping to make a scrap of it with them but on the very first lap a retainer spring in my left front brake let go.  I was able to finish but was out of contention.

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