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Though it’s a bit fuzzy I’ve always liked this shot. Note the old style split lens goggles that I’m  wearing. Bridgehampton was built on the sand dunes at the extreme tip of Long Island and I tried
the goggles in the interest of keeping the blowing sand out of my eyes. They were more trouble than they were worth however.   A group of enthusiasts tried to save the historic old track.   Their efforts unfortunately fell short and today the property is golf courses despite environmental studies that showed the race track  would have the least impact on the health of the sand dunes.

A section of the track has been left in place along with the remains of the infield  auto bridge and the head of the  main straight in tribute to the racing history of the place.  Bridgehampton was probably my all time favorite race course.   Fast and scary, it separated the men from the boys.

Photo credit  unknown

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