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Photo credit - Denrae Labs

This is the “Millstone” corner mentioned in the story. These photo’s may have been taken on the day of my first race as the PV is sporting a set of Goodyear Blue Streak racing tires. Note the “Drift” attitude through the bend with the front tire inside the line and the rear tire outside. Although the car
appears without it’s license plate in most of the photo’s, it was street licensed throughout it’s racingcareer. On one occasion I drove it in a track race at Lime Rock on a Saturday and then, on a whim, drove up to the County Center on Sunday and ran in a Gymkana.   I won my class at the Gymkana and was pleasantly surprised to receive a compliment from Harry Fanelli, the president of the sponsoring club, when he presented me with the trophy. Harry pointed out to the assemblage that my PV and I were a great example of what sports cars were all about.  Harry had been at Lime Rock the day before and had seen me racing and now here I was having driven to the Gymkana and run it too. I thought it interesting that I should be a great example for
sports cars with my Volvo sedan.

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