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The “Hobo Hill Climb” was a favorite event. The course was narrow, rough and very steep in parts.   Ideal for the PV to show it’s stuff. I ran the event five times altogether, four with my green PV and once with my sister's car setting a class record with the green car the last time I ran it there.


A fellow showed up with a much modified 122s at one event but didn’t seem to be doing very well.   When I talked to him I found that his car should have been much faster than my PV.   He said that when he tried to go fast the car sounded as if it were going to come apart on the rough surface (and it was rough).  My reply was, “SO?”. Mine did too but as it was a Volvo I just ignored the hammering and banging and kept my foot down.

Photo credit  Southern Westchester Press Assn.

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