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Photo credit unknown

Lime Rock Park in 1965. Bob Huber of Mayer Volvo in New Rochelle NY is leading in his Volvo 122s followed by George Sainaiberger in a much modified push rod, four door Ford Cortina.   I usually ran
behind these two in my early events although I did manage to pass Bob the following year only to break a left front wheel as soon as I’d made the pass.


Bob and I had a friendly rivalry but would always help each other out if the need arose. Behind me is Bill Peck with his twin cam Lotus Cortina shadowed by his arch rival Angelo Oliva in a two cycle Saab
93. Though they were good friends off the track one would never have guessed it from the way they’d beat and bang on each other on the track.  Here Bill is taking a line obviously intended to block
Angelo.  Bringing up the rear is another Saab 93 driven by a fellow who worked at Mayer Volvo who’s name I no longer recall. He rolled it up in a ball before the season was over and gave up racing.  The old Saabs had a peculiar habit of tripping over their outside front wheel if mishandled.

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