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Photo credit unknown

This is the earliest photo I have of my PV in competition. The event is a “Gymkana” held at the Westchester County Center in White Plains NY sometime in early 1964. A “Gymkana” was sim ilar to today’s “Autocross” and “Solo” competitions in that it involved timed runs through a course delineated by traffic cones laid out in a parking lot. Today’s events are generally faster and
dispense with gimmicks such as the “keyhole” which were popular on “Gymkana” courses.  This particular course used both paved and dirt portions of the parking lot and required a versatile driving technique. As can be seen, this photo was taken after the Spring drivers school at Lime Rock
as the car has already acquired the roll bar and the 5” Dodge wheels.  Note that I’m still wearing my old “Bell Shorty” kart helmet.  The car still has it’s radio antenna and a Community College parking sticker. For some reason I hadn’t yet got around to removing the rear bumper. Racing rules required a second hood tie down and I chose to add leather straps as I’ve always been fond of the vintage look when racing cars sported leather tie down straps.

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