Welcome to the Standard Repaint Store Section
Here you can order a custom mask or item of your choice!
The Technique

Before I begin, I discuss the specifics of the work with the customer.
After receiving the mask, I sand it down with 400 grit sandpaper, to help the paint stick and prevent flaking.
Then, I prime both sides of the mask with modeling primer.
From there, I use an airbrush and Citadel Colour paints to apply a solid, unified color to the mask.
All my paints are matched as close to official Lego colors as possible.
Afterward, I spray the mask with a Model Masters Gloss Clearcoat, to prevent chipping give it a plastic-like sheen.

For a selection of completed Standard Repaints, please visit the Gallery.
If you would like to order a Repainted Custom, please fill out the following order form.
Then, copy and paste it to any of these locations to place your order:

By Private Message to Heir of the Chronicler on BZPower and YouTube
(or ZandurOfBronte on deviantArt)
By posting in the V's F&F Store Topic on BZPower, The Toa's Hideout, and Eurobricks
By Email to HeirOfTheChronicler@Gmail.com

We will contact you upon receiving your order to finalize the transaction. Thanx!

We accept payment by means of:
Paper Money via Snail Mail*
Money Order

When shipping money via envelope, be sure to disguise money in a second envelope for security's sake.

Pricing Estimates:
All prices listed here are estimates, based on mask size.
Final price will be determined in pre-transaction discussion.

Kanohi Mata... $7.00 USD
Kanohi Nuva... $8.00 USD
Kanohi Metru... $9.00 USD
Hordika Head... $9.00 USD
Inika Head... $10.00 USD
Piraka Head...$10.00 USD
Kanohi Mahri... $9.00 USD
Kanohi Phantoka... $9.00 USD
Glatorian Helmet... $8.00 USD
Titan Mask... $10.00 USD

Small Weapon (Example: Tahu Mata's Sword): $6.00 USD
Medium Weapon (Example: Jaller Mahri's Sword): $7.00 USD
Large Weapon (Example: Brutaka's Swords): $8.00 USD

For other parts, just ask. Price will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Order Form:
Fill out the form with all relevant information.
Please review our Policies at the top of the page before ordering. Thank you! :)

(If you're ordering a Part, ignore the Mask Name line, and vice-versa.)


Customer Name:
Online Alias:
Mask Name:
Part Name:

Repaint Color Requested:

Additional Notes:

Payment Method:

Shipping Method:

I have read and understand all 3 V's F&F Policy Agreements:


Thank you for your interest!
Below is a list of available colors, matched as closely to the official colors as possible.
Mata Red
Mata Black
Mata Brown
Mata Blue
Mata Green
Mata White
Turaga Orange
Turaga Dark Grey
Turaga Tan
Turaga Light Blue
Turaga Lime Green
Turaga Light Grey
Metru Red
Metru Brown
Metru Blue
Metru Green
Kanohi Copper
Brutaka Gold
Lhikan Gold
Makuta Metal
Nuva Silver
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